Scott and Watson, Pre-Trip Scouting.

This is the post excerpt.


Oh Hi there, I see you you’ve found your way to my blog! I’ll try and keep everyone up to date on Watson and I’s travels here, as this is sure to be one heck of a journey! If you don’t know what I’m referring too, I’m days away from setting out on a 6 month bird hunting trip across the US with my super cool bird dog Watson. We’ll be starting in Montana for almost 2 weeks chasing sharp tailed grouse, then it’s back to north east Minnesota for the Ruffed Grouse opener. We’ll be in Minnesota somewhere until about mid November, soaking up every minute of Ruffed Grouse hunting and waterfowling that we can. From there it’s an open ended adventure, we’ve got some ideas as to how it will go, but the BirdVan is prepared to go wherever it needs to! So stay tuned and follow along, and don’t be shy about asking to join us if we’re in your neck of the woods.


Right now we are getting in some last minute scouting up north that we hadn’t gotten to all summer. As is my summer scouting tradition we stopped to pay homage to Tree Pete The Woods Wizard, keeper of the ruffed grouse who resides deep in the Minnesota woods. It’s been a very rain filled weekend so far, so most of our scouting has been driving and scoping out some duck hunting spots. Only 1 dud, and 3 additions to the hit list, hopefully they’ll hold their tenants for another month.

Watson 1